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Come for a personal community visit to learn more about our integrated health care offerings, tour our community, or to simply talk with our team about your options. When you do so, you’ll receive a complimentary set of resistance and exercise bands and the opportunity to schedule a customized individualized balance assessment with one of our rehabilitation therapy experts. 

Call 877-345-5229 or complete the form on this page to request your free assessment.

What is a balance assessment and why is it important?

Our ability to balance decreases as we age, but there are ways to increase our strength and flexibility. Every year, one in three people over age 65 fall, in fact, balance begins to decline progressively in your twenties unless steps are taken to prevent it. The balance assessment identifies whether or not a balance problem exists and determines its underlying cause, and in turn, how to best improve it! 

What to Expect? 

When a balance assessment is completed, the score would place that patient into a low, moderate, or high fall risk. If determined moderate or high, we would most likely recommend therapy services. We can develop a generic therapy exercise for those folks to get them going that would be safe, but definitely indicate skilled service would be beneficial to prevent falls. If low risk, we can recommend wellness activities to continue and a different generic exercise form to continue in order to maintain functional level.

What are resistance bands?

Resistance bands are lightweight, easy-to-carry elastic bands that can be used to exercise all parts of the body. There are dozens of online resistance training routines for seniors, as well as programs designed specifically for strengthening certain areas and building balance. Incorporating resistance training into a daily workout routine can greatly improve muscle strength, balance, coordination, flexibility, and range of motion. Resistance training also helps fight bone loss and the symptoms of arthritis pain.

Call 877-345-5229 or complete our form on this page to get in touch with our team! We hope to see you soon.

Reclaim That Worry-Free Feeling!

Enjoy peace-of-mind and a secure future with Covenant Living’s health care services.

With the challenges we’ve faced the past few years, seniors and caregivers alike have had their fill of worry, concern, and uncertainty. Are “what if?” questions keeping you up at night? Let now be the time you and your aging loved ones find peace and security by taking advantage of Covenant Living’s continuum of health care services. No more isolation and loneliness, no more guesswork when it comes to care, and no more uncertain answers to those “what if?” questions. Our community is here to help, and we offer personalized, flexible care options to meet the changing needs of all residents.

Covenant Living can help improve or maintain your personal wellness through our integrated health care services, either in our assisted living communities or through our post-acute rehabilitation centers and out-patient clinic settings.

Have you or a loved one recently:

  • Put off your elective surgical procedure?
  • Struggled with a lack of socialization?
  • Found the upkeep of your current home overwhelming?
  • Having difficulties understanding how to manage your medications?
  • Found yourself not doing the things that you once enjoyed?
  • Decided there’d be a benefit in having someone collaborate with you on what would be the most beneficial next step or health service for you and your unique personal needs?

Hear what people are saying.

The first time we used the Eversound system in our activity program, I went to Doris because she is very hard of hearing (even with hearing aids) and I know how much she has missed chapel time. I turned on her headphones and talked in the headset, and her eyes lit up and she got the biggest smile ever on her face. I asked her if she could hear me, and if the sound was okay and she said “yes, yes I can’t believe I can hear you so clearly, I have not heard like this in many years” I had turned the headset all the way up because she is so hard of hearing, so I told her I can adjust the volume if need be, and she smiled and laughed and said “I can’t believe I am going to ask you to turn it down”  so I turned it down one and she was a happy camper… thank you again for bringing a smile to this 109 year young lady, it made my year.

- Denise French, Activity Director

Hang in there! You guys are the BEST of the BEST! Thank you for all the things you girls do! The activity team here is just amazing

- Lynette Anderson, family member of resident

Thank you so much, I am so grateful for you. I can see the relationship you have built with Mom and the other residents. It is not easy job. Thank you

- Sharon Johnson, family member of resident

Call 877-345-5229 or complete the form on this page to request your free assessment.

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Looking for a career opportunity where you know you’ll truly make a difference? Click the link below to learn more about why people love working in senior care:

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